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If you are under the age of 18 and have a foreign birth certificate or identification, please contact our customer service by mail here:

In order to get an account, a debit card and online banking in Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane, please fill out this agreement. Then you have to visit one of our bank offices, to show your identification.

Please click here to see valid forms of identification. 

Estimated processing time on the application is normally 3-4 weeks.

Please fill out the form below
You are responsible for ensuring that your account is not used for transactions of funds you do not know the source of. You must also notify the bank if you suspect that your account may be used to finance criminal or terrorist-related activity.
We will help you investigate the source of the money in such cases. By signing this agreement you confirm that you are familiar with this information and that you will notify us.
NB! If you have D-number, please answer the next two questions:
We are obliged to send customer agreements, card, code-generator etc. to your adress registered in Folkeregisteret. We get your adress from that register. Remember to have your name on the postbox where you live.
We can not use a "postboks" adress. Adress with c/o "company", camping site or reception centres can only be used if you plan to stay less than 6 months
Do you want others to use your account?

Is it likely that you will receive funds of more than NOK 100 000 per year from other countries?

Is it likely that you will transfer funds of more than NOK 100 000 per year to other countries?

Is it likely that you will do cash deposits of more than NOK 100 000 per year?

Is it likely that you will buy/sell different form of virtual currency (cryptocurrency)?

Is it likely that you will use your account for transferring money from/to internet money gaming companies registered abroad?

If yes: We hereby inform you that the bank is prohibited from transferring money to/from money gaming companies registered abroad.
Is it likely that you, on behalf of others, will receive or transfer money from your account?

The origin of the funds:

Politically exposed person (PEP) Do you have close family or any other close relation whom in the past year have had a senior public position in Norway or any other country?