For companies/employers & foreign workers

The Norwegian Tax administration, Skatteetaten, has as of 2019 introduced PAYE (Pay As You Earn) for foreign workers. This is a simplified tax scheme for those who have time-limited stays in Norway.

In short, the scheme works like this: The employer deduct 25 % in taxes from income directly. As a result, the employee does not need to file a tax return.

You can find more information at the Tax Administration

This means that demand for banking services among foreign workers will decrease, as employees no longer need a Norwegian bank account. Many of our corporate customers already benefit from online banking and mobile banking to transfer salaries directly to their employees abroad. This often saves both time and money for employers and employees.

The employee will not need any banking in Norway before moving here permanently. The banks are subject to a strict regulation when establishing customer relationships. More information for new customers with a foreign origin on the bank's website under «Bli kunde» - New customer.

Please note that one must:

  • Meet up in person at one of the bank's offices in Sogn og Fjordane with valid ID. The credentials must contain information such as full name, date of birth, picture, signature and nationality. This means that most people must provide a passport as a proper ID.
  • Be able to understand either Norwegian or English. The bank must be sure that the customer understands the documents they will sign. The customer must bring along his or her own interpreter if English or Norwegian is not understood.
  • Have a home address in Norway.

In addition to the points above, all banks also have a requirement to examine how customers should use the bank. In many cases, the intended use is obvious, however, all banks are obliged to collect this information from the customers in form of a signed document.

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